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Atenție unde faci click! O falsă extensie de Chrome este utilizată pentru a obține like-uri pentru o pagină Facebook.



Please note the last line of code that instructs the user’s browser to artificially “like” a Facebook page with the ID of 274169846047328. A quick look on the social networking platform reveals it is associated with Mehmet Özbilen, a fan page that managed to get 40,319 likes since its creation on February 12 with no content posted on it.


Fig. 4: Blank page with tens of thousands of “likes” ready to be purchased and customized

This type of scam is highly lucrative for its creators. With just a couple of lines of code – many of which have already been open-sourced on the web and are ready to be copied and pasted – crooks can gather significant numbers of likes from unwary Facebook users and grow a page that is ready to be sold to the highest bidder. After the transaction is done, the buyer gets administrative rights on the page and gets to pick a relevant name for it.

As the number of likes contributes to the page’s Edge Rank (a proprietary algorithm that decides which users see what is being posted on the page), shady companies and cyber-criminals alike are bidding for pages that already have a considerable number of likes.



Viziunea mea asupra omului nou este cea a rebelului in cautarea SINELUI, a fetei lui adevarate. Un om pregatit sa arunce toate mastile, toate caracterele prefabricate, toata ipocrizia, gata sa arate lumii cine este el cu adevarat. Si daca va fi iubit sau condamnat, respectat sau huiduit, incoronat sau crucificat, pentru el va fi acelasi lucru, fiindca A FI TU INSUTI este cea mare binecuvantare a EXISTENTEI. Un om adevarat, sincer, care cunoaste IUBIREA si COMPASIUNEA intelege ca oamenii sunt orbi, inconstienti cu spiritul adormit ~ OSHO (CARTEA DESPRE BARBATI)

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